Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Finished Object!

Don't get too excited, as its unblocked and crawling with ends. But, I finally had a moment to myself and was determined to finish this thing! And I did! And I got almost all of my reading done! Hooray!

First, the dorky modeled shot (also totally blurry, sorry!), with me kneeling in front of an unhung mirror in our disastrously messy office at home:

Next, the full shot. This shot is great, because you can see Mike's plans underneath for his freelance project, as well as my big toe, his new computer and his old computer, and a box from when I moved in one year ago (for the second time for those of you who are counting) that is now filled with clothes we desperately need to donate.

And finally, the detail:

I think that the color is probably best represented by the full shot, at least on my screen. Its a really deep eggplant-y purple and I love it. Its super snuggly soft and I kinda wanna sleep with it tonight. The yarn is very sproingy, and so I hope it loosens up a bit once blocked - I'd like it to get a little bit longer, and for the garter stitch to open up a bit. I don't know what to exepct with this yarn. Has anyone used Knit PIcks Elegance and blocked it successfully?

Finally. Something is finished. And I actually can't wait to wear it! I suppose I can give it a soak after class tomorrow and spread it out to dry overnight. Maybe by Tuesday I'll be able to wear it!


Cathi said...

It looks fab! And- hopefully this doesn't sound creepy- I'm so excited to see a pic of you, just to have a face to associate with the e-mails.

Never blocked Elegance before, but I'm sure it will come out great. Hooray! It looks like a great spring/fall wrap!

MeBeth said...

It looks great! I cant wait to see it blocked (although, alas, I have never blocked knitpicks elegance so I have no words of wisdom. actually, i have only blocked once in my life, so I REALLY have no advice.)