Friday, February 03, 2006

All In The Name Of Science

I fucked it up. I seriously fucked up the sock. I am so not happy about this. And its all because of you, dear blog, that I did this.

Let's set the stage. Its been over a month since I posted a picture. I haven't finished anything in a while, even though I'm so close on a number of items. Mike isn't home, so I knit while watching bad TV. I decide to model the sock for all the people out there that don't read my blog.

This is the sock post-fuckup, and I'm hiding the fuckup spot. Its also post-model, which is why (I think) it looks a little stretched out and weird. As you can see, I've turned the heel (I love saying that) and am now on the actual foot part, getting ready to do the toe.

This is the sock just minutes after the fuckup. You can also see what I was watching, for which I have no shame. Zero. What you may notice if you look at the actual sock is that it is a wee bit funny-looking at the front left. That's because when I tried the sock on the first time (not the time you see here, the second time) two stitches popped right off the freaking needle. I am not good at correcting mistakes, so I sort of fudged getting them back on the needle after they had dropped three rows down by the time I got the sock off my foot and into rescue mode. Oy. I busted out the crochet hook, I got out reference books, and I still goofed the whole thing up. All because I wanted to share a darned photo with blogland.

Eh. Whaddaya gonna do? Its my first one, admittedly my practice sock. But I'm still annoyed, because I kinda like it. I must say, the self-striping yarn has me running hot and cold. I get excited for a color change but when I see the sock as a whole it looks really busy to me.

Here's the heel. The heel looks small to me, but having never done this before I have no way of knowing if I am right or not. Any input? Anyone? Please? I followed the instructions to a T (well, minus forgetting to do the slipped stitches on the flap but that wouldn't make a huge difference for anything besides picking up for joining with the gusset again). It looks small, but when I tried on the sock, it felt ok.

Now I just wanna finish the things so that I can move on.

This is the last photo for now. And I'm only including it because, despite all the issues, I truly am proud of what I've done here. I'm amazed, really. I am making a SOCK. A sock that looks like other socks that I have purchased. As in, its not a tube sock, it has shape and style and even a little sass. And there you have it.


carrie said...

i'm no help on socks.
the yarn i used for tubey is cashmere luxury aran from a.c. moore. it's a debbie bliss knock-off, and i really like it. but there's only one ac moore in new york, and it's queens and pretty much only accessable by car ...

MeBeth said...

I can never manage to try on a sock without dropping stitches right and left! The heel looks good to me though - better too small than overly big and floppy, like my latest pair.

frecklegirl said...

I totally remember breaking into a sweat whenever my stitches dropped off and fell down a few rows. It has gotten a lot less scary now that I am more used to dropping and picking up stitches with a crochet hook. Maybe you could practice on a swatch or something so you feel more comfortable with it?

The sock looks great though! I am sure you will be the only one who ever notices there was a problem!

Lone Knitter said...

Your heel looks great. Your sock looks great. I don't think you have anything to worry about. And I too LOVE to watch bad, really bad, TV while knitting.

peaches said...

You have sexxxy toes.